interior / exterior al centre d'art la panera, Lleida 2013

camera: Visual Susana
edit: la ira
música: Inadaptats "Moviment d'alliberament"
in collaboration with my friend Imagina, creation destruction show in Outpost, Amsterdam 2012
colaborations with Stinkfish & el Chico Iwana
expo in Basis, vijzelstraat 66 Amsterdam june 2012
art battles Amsterdam, june 2012
ASA project Thougth gallery, Amsterdam june 2011
unauthorized expo in ARCO, Madrid february 2010 
collective expo in streetvision Breda may/june 2008
expo with Lyrae in DIY shop, jodenbreestraat 24 Amsterdam, may/june 2008
   expo with Lyrae in Vives tattoo, kerkstraat 113 Amsterdam, januari/february 2008